IR Battle Receiver Apple




An alternative to the Tamiya IR battle receiver apples that generally run over $100 at a fraction of the cost. This high performance, high quality, made in the USA product is compatible out of the box with most of the primary tank boards: Clark, IBU, ElMod, OpenPanzer, Heng Long, Taigen, and Tamiya*. These units have been found to be as effective if not more effective than a Tamiya IR receiver unit in various club IR battles.

This compact IR receiver unit utilizes high-intensity blue or red LED’s to indicate a hit received. At only 32mm diameter and 15mm in height, this compact design is suitable for mounting directly over hatches.

3D printed plastic housing design may differ from product images. As improvements are made to the product, new inventory received will reflect changes in the design. These were designed around outdoor IR battling. Not recommended for use in indoor battling due to the high quality electronic components used and lack of background IR light (i.e. the sun). Reflective surface with indoor use have been found to reflect the IR light and per lack of background IR light and is picked up by an IR sensor. Adding a layer of masking tape over around the receiver unit can help mitigate IR light reflected off surfaces from being picked up by an IR receiver.

*Tamiya MFU compatibility will require a 250 ohm resistor on the VCC/power pin in order to not damage the IR receiver at this time. An enhancement to the product is underway for future batches to support the Tamiya MFU without the need for a resistor.

Additional information

Dimensions 32 × 32 × 15 mm
LED Color

Red, Blue

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