Clark Universal Servo Elevation Gear Set 16012


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The Clark universal servo elevation (Part # 16012) for HengLong/Taigen/Torro tanks*. Compatible with Clark and other RC tank electronics that support servos for elevation function.* Not compatible with the stock HengLong/Taigen/Torro electronics, as these do not support servo functions. This item is intended to be used in conjunction with the Clark universal recoil unit.


  • Qty. 1 set of 3D printed gears in 4 different diameters
  • Qty. 1 3D printed gear that installs directly onto the Clark universal recoil unit
  • Qty. 1 EMAX metal gear 12g servo
  • Qty. 1 set of screws for installation

Assembly instructions are available here.

*The Clark universal recoil unit to be used with this item is a direct replacement of airsoft unit that should fit all models from these manufacturers.

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Weight 50 g

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