Sherman Firefly VC Resin Conversion Kit


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*Changes to the kit are in the works from the current details noted below. Please check back later for updates when inventory is in.*


A DGS Military Hobby exclusive, the version 4.0 Firefly resin tank conversion kit. A complete Firefly conversion kit for your M4 makes a great addition to any 16th scale tank collection, whether it’s on the battlefield or as a display tank. An assembly guide and decal placement guide in PDF form for easy print out is available here.

Kit Includes:

  • 70+ pieces of high quality resin cast parts
  • Wire rope handles
  • Decal sheet that also includes .50 caliber and .30 caliber ammo box markings. for instructions and tips hit the button below the pictures…
  • Separate appliqué armor giving more modeling choices
  • Proper M4A4 rear engine doors to replace the A3 doors
  • 3 piece transmission cover
  • Full upper deck M4A4 converted to Firefly specs including:
    • Functional small hatch format
    • M4A4 rear deck
    • Lifting hooks
    • Functioning barrel travel lock
    • 2 options for the air intake screen
    • And more!
  • Low bustle turret – an M4A4 turret converted to Firefly specs
    • Functional split commander’s and box loaders hatch
    • Radio box with new top detailing
    • Proper mantlet
  • Decal Sheet featuring Normandy Firefly markings for Canadian, British, and Polish Units
  • Firefly cleaning rods kit and fire extinguishers
  • Mato metal BB Firefly gun barrel
  • 8 metal tie downs for the turret in improved scale
  • A set of DGS Military Hobby exclusive 17 pdr. ammunition boxes with decals
  • 3D printed parts
    • Recoil unit
    • Elevation unit
    • Turret ring enhancement
    • IR emitter mount

This kit is NOT PAINTED, NOT ASSEMBLED. Each kit contains a number of parts that may need to be reworked for a good finish and fitting to your tank model. Painting and modelling skills are required to build the kit that will include some photographic instructions. Please note that all photos for this item are from the manufacturer. By purchasing this kit, as the buyer you understand that you are purchasing an unpainted and not assembled kit where parts may need to be reworked for a good finish and fit for your tank model. FIGURES AND TANK(S) ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.