FlySky FS-i6S Transmitter and Receiver


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The ideal radio for your Clark TK board and a must have for an S BUS board. Configuration is quick and easy with only 1 wire to the receiver for an S BUS TK board. S BUS boards provide a driving and function control that is simple and similar to the HL and Taigen MFU/transmitter controls.

  • Model Memories of up to 5
  • 10 Channel Radio and receiver


Need an additional receiver and not a radio at this time? The FlySky iA6B receiver is available for purchase here.

*SBUS TK boards leverage the receiver port labeled as “servo” and consequently the conventional radio ports (numbers 1-6) are not used for this setup. You will have no problem setting up your TK SBUS board with the iA6B receiver.

Additional information

Weight 920 g
Dimensions 279.5 × 203 × 114 mm

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