Sherman 105mm Ammo Crates


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A DGS Military Hobby exclusive, an accurate Sherman 105mm ammunition crate with decal. Ammunition crates are a great way to liven up your tank, whether it’s on the battlefield or as a display tank. Looking for more than just tank ammo crate to accessories your tank? Stowage kits are available available here.

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Kit Includes:

  • Qty. 2 (two) Sherman 105mm ammunition crates
  • Wire rope handles
  • Decal sheet that also includes .50 caliber and .30 caliber ammo box markings. for instructions and tips hit the button below the pictures…

This kit is NOT PAINTED, NOT ASSEMBLED. Each kit contains a number of resin parts, where with all resin products, some sanding and finishing will be required. Please note that all photos for this item are from the manufacturer. By purchasing this kit, as the buyer you understand that you are purchasing an unpainted and not assembled kit where parts may need to be sanded and finished. FIGURES AND TANK(S) ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.