M4 Sherman Supplemental Armored Plates


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1/16 Sherman supplemental armored plates as seen on so many Sherman tanks can be yours now too! All the weld marks have been done, simply glue it on,  paint it, and hit the battlefield or the display shelf.

4 pieces of supplemental armored plates includes:

  • Turret wraparound armor piece
  • Left side forward piece
  • Right side 2 pieces

This kit is NOT PAINTED, NOT ASSEMBLED. Each kit contains a number of parts that may need to be reworked for a good finish and fitting to your tank model. Painting and modelling skills are required to build the kit that will include some photographic instructions. Please note that all photos for this item are from the manufacturer. By purchasing this kit, as the buyer you understand that you are purchasing an unpainted and not assembled kit where parts may need to be reworked for a good finish and fit for your tank model. FIGURES AND TANK(S) ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.